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When Armagnac and beauty come together

It is an “eau de vie”, vinous brandy, originating from Armagnac territory, located in the southwest of France, in the region of Biscay.

According to Florence Castarède, it was founded in 1832 by one of his ancestors. Our trading house was the first one to be registered and is therefore the eldest in Armagnac.

For six generations, this business has remained in our family, which still manages and develops this activity today.


Armagnac, the eldest French brandy, is produced from the distillation of white wines from Biscay region. It is left on the counter to age inside oak barrels for many years to develop its fabulous flavours and aromas.

Previously known as “firewater” or “water of immortality”, Armagnac became well known in the “Middle Ages” for its therapeutic qualities. Consumed in moderation, this drink nourishes, stimulates and enchants the spirit.

People say that Armagnac gave strength to the Musketeers of Armagnac and to the Cadets of Biscay.

Just like Cognac, Armagnac is a product derived from the distillation of white wine. The varietals used are: L'Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Folle Blanche.

The production is still handcrafted and consists of three steps:

Vinification, distillation and aging.

The Armagnac is widely used in gastronomy and to prepare cocktails.

During the tailored Paris Beauty Day, you can take part in a tasting of the Armagnac with Florence Castarède, the daughter of Jean Castarède. She will stylishly welcome you, and she knows how to impart her passion for Armagnac like no one else.

The tasting begins with an olfactory game. She will encourage you to smell diverse vials with some notes that we can find in the Armagnac drink.

It is worth mentioning that Armagnac is the most scented drink that exists! “If a bottle of Armagnac breaks inside a suitcase, it perfumes all the clothes”, says Florence.

Yes, I have tested it on myself and the skin really feels deliciously scented!

Apart from that, this drink is considered a fountain of youth, as Jean, the father of Florence, used to say.

Here is a recipe for a cocktail based on Armagnac:

Sweet Chestnut;

Armagnac VSOP

Chesnut syrup

Cocoa Liquor

Whipped cream


Florence Castarède

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