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Ultimate hairstyle experience in Paris at Christophe Nicolas Biot’s Apartment

The motto is simple:

« LÀ, TOUT N’EST QU’ORDRE ET BEAUTÉ, LUXE CALME ET VOLUPTÉ », which means: “Here, all there is is order and beauty, luxury, calm and indulgence.”

It is this very phrase that defines the best place to take care of your hair in Paris. Additionally, as well as taking care of the hair, you can have a whole body treatment and even have an organic lunch there, prepared especially for you by a chef.

I will tell you a bit about my experience at Christophe Nicolas Biot’s apartment...

It is not just a hairstylist salon, it is much more. Jerôme, one of the clerks, insists that anyone who goes there is not a customer, but a guest. This way an intimate and familiar relationship is established from the very moment you enter.

Everyone is welcomed as a friend and everything is exquisite perfection. The scent upon entering, the service, the thoughtfulness, the products, the treatments… this is what you call ultimate luxury!

Indeed, coming to Paris and encountering the apartment of Christophe Nicolas Biot, is just like coming to Paris and discovering the Eiffel Tower, which is just as important as paying a visit to the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe. By the way, this is 2 minutes away from the Arc de Triomphe.

First of all, I took the elevator accompanied by the director. When we arrived, as if by magic, the apartment doors opened just like in a movie… everything began perfectly. A little extra fact, the first floor is the workshop of the famous french couture house Balmain. The apartment is on the second floor.

Jerôme, one of the long-serving employees for this company, welcomed me as a guest and took me to the 550m2 apartment, that's right, it is gigantic and very beautiful!

He showed me the cabins, accessories, art pieces and also ancient books in the living room. It was really nice to wait in such a lovely lounge with a fireplace, old books, armchairs and a super comfortable sofa full of cosy pillows. And, after all that, they served me tea and some delicious mini pastries.

Time passed quickly and when they called me for my appointment, Alex said I needed my highlights redone, and of course I already knew this... he took me to the room for cutting and colouring, all very spacious and luxurious. With his incredible technique, he did a fabulous job on my hair, looking like Da Vinci with his brushes. The agility and experience of this professional was wonderful.

While waiting for the dye to colour my hair, they offered me another drink: an unlimited choice of champagne, juice, tea, coffee. Which one do you prefer?

I asked for another tea, but this time a green tea. I am one of those people who drink green tea and eat chocolate thinking that the tea will detoxify me.

After waiting about 15 minutes, they took me to another room, where a Japanese hair artist removed the hair product.

I sat on a massage chair while he carried out a shiatsu massage on my scalp... need I say more! What else? Exceptionally pleasant.

After being in this dream state, Jerôme, another hair artist, dried my hair and fashioned it in an ultra modern and sexy style. You can see in the picture below.

My hairstyle experience at Christophe Nicolas Biot appartment

Needless to say that I am already dreaming about going back to the apartment again...

A little bit of history about Christophe Nicolas Biot...

He is the talented artistic ambassador of Wella since 2009 and in 2010 he decided to open his own “Maison de Coiffure”.

As a trendsetter, he is always inventing new things: his complete treatment line, “Bio by Biot”, the “Bar à Chignon”, his “Salon DETOX”, his avant-garde “Salon Barbier”. With his continuous innovative projects, in 2013 he approached the “Bar des Coloristes” with a bright idea: professional colouring for the home.

Nicolas is a born creator who has worked for years on the concept of global beauty for men and women. During a concert in Russia he met Anzhelika, it was her who suggested that he should use his name and manage the place she had bought and decorated in Paris.

After this proposition, they wanted to set up in Rive droite. Christophe, this visionary coiffure, always ahead of the trends, shows off his talent in "Appartement".

The apartment utterly represents the Parisian chic and was designed as an art gallery. 555m2 dedicated to facial and body beauty for men and women with colorimetric hairstylists experts, beauticians, massage therapists, beauticians specialised in Tibetan massage and dermatologists. In brief, they offer everything for a perfect and tailored day of beauty therapy.

It is a new, exclusive and extremely unique place in Paris, frequented by politicians and actors, located in the Parisian Golden Triangle.

With “Versailles” floor, fireplaces, frames, crystal chandeliers, majestic mirrors, art objects... just precious.

The selection of products is also very sophisticated. They work with the professional company System, which is a line of hair products considered “haute couture”. In addition, they also have Swarowski pieces to decorate the hair, created by Biot, exclusively for his clients.

When it comes to make up products and perfumes, the ultimate brand is By Terry.

Indulge yourself in a place where everything is calm, luxurious and decadent, the Christophe Nicolas Biot apartment... this is the perfect place to be.

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